What is recovery towing?

Recovery towing is when a vehicle has unfortunately gone off road and has fallen in a ditch or flipped over. This usually requires heavy duty equipment to solve the issue, and Vancouver has had countless road side emergencies this year alone that required recovery towing. The level of experience and expertise is what ensures the job is done successfully without any damage done to the car during the recovery tow.

Calling a tow truck isn’t always for a broken down car that needs a tow or a dead battery. Road side emergencies can vary and should only be given to trusted professionals. Services like recovery towing require experience and professionalism, BC Pro Towing recovery towing service has over a decade of experience solving recovery towing. 

Best recovery towing in coquitlam

We are no stranger to recovery towing in Coquitlam and Vancouver. BC Pro Towing has years of experience with recovery towing in Coquitlam. Trust the professionals at BC Pro Towing to ensure your vehicle or heavy truck is safely secured during it’s recovery tow.